About Us

Who we are?

Company for engineering and prefabrication construction LICON doo was established as a result of aspirations of the expert team to merge their knowledge and experience gained during decades of work in the country and abroad with local capacities and needs.

Our international connections with manufacturers and suppliers of the state-of-the-art products and technological achievements in various areas of our operations represent a great advantage for our customers.

In the civil engineering sector we base our program on the system of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures produced by ŠIRBEGOVIĆ Group, a leader in the region that engages in the construction of the largest and most demanding facilities in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The synergy of these two companies resulted in the installation of reinforced concrete and steel structures in more than 120 facilities in Serbia and Montenegro. In addition to projects implemented at the domestic market, our companies have engaged in the construction works in Libya and the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the field of ecology and environmental protection we equally successfully cope with the assigned tasks owing to cooperation with German companies PASSAVANT GEIGER, IWAT GmbH, FUCHS and FILTRATEC, which we represent in the region of Southeast Europe. In addition to analysing problems and providing solutions, we offer the services of design and construction of plants for mechanical, biological and physical-chemical treatment of sewage and industrial wastewater.

Competence, creativity, reliability and professionalism are the main characteristics of the services we offer to our partners, clients and associates.

Mission of Licon

Our goal is to provide a custom made solution for any problem, taking into account safety and environmental protection, at the least cost and with the maximum benefit for our clients.

Vision of Licon

We have been developing the company LICON (Living construction) in order to provide complete services to our clients, from providing advice and preliminary design to the construction of the whole facility. We pay special attention to the collegiality, professionalism, dedication to work, and professional development of our employees.